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Meet the Caledonian waves

Certainly, it is not on the beaches of the main island or the islands that the best surf spots awaits you. Unless the westerly wind picks up enough, it is offshore that you will paradoxically find the best spots. Here the coral reef forms a natural barrier with the open sea. 

It is on these ramparts in the open sea that the best surf spots await  you. On the reef drop-off, the Caledonian lagoon offers many spots that are more often shared between initiates. But New Caledonian surfers are not stingy with their good finds.  Quite the contrary!


Surfing on the barrier reef 

Surfing on the barrier reef is a unique experience in the world, which guarantees you a real adrenaline shot and a lot of magic to tame the waves of the open sea. The icing on the cake is that these spots are as exceptional as they are uncrowded.

The best New Caledonia surf spots 

To prepare for your stay, let Aircalin introduce you to the list of the best surf spots in New Caledonia

Nouvelle-Calédonie Bourail Roché percée Paysage

La Roche Percée

Today, the Roche Percée in Bourail is the only spot on the beach where you can practice as a beginner. This huge stretch of gray sand is well known to Caledonians who come here to picnic and enjoy the modest, but sufficient waves to start.

Bourail Bateaux Paysage Montagne

Off the coast of Bourail

From the surf camp of Nekweta, surfers take the boat to reach the open sea of Gouaro Bay and experience magical moments on the coral reef. Sensations guaranteed.

The Tenia Pass

Also called the Saint Vincent pass, the Tenia pass is a nice surf spot 45 minutes from Noumea starting from Port Ouenghi, on Bouraké. Located south of the Tenia islet, the wave is a powerful left that will delight tube lovers. You can go there for a day or a camping weekend.

Surf Nouvelle-Calédonie Vague Surfeur

The pass of Dumbea

Located about 30 minutes by boat to the west of Noumea, the pass of Dumbea is well known by Caledonian surfers. You will find on these 2 waves (one left and one right) new surfers, of different levels, but who share this same passion. 

The island's surfers: a tight-knit community

Surfing in New Caledonia is often a "family" affair. Do not hesitate to get closer to local clubs to embark on spots outside the more touristy circuits such as the false pass of Dumbéa or even Ouano. 

Contact the Big Bananas Surf Club, the Caledonian Surfing League if you want to get information on current conditions. For the more novice surfers, it is also the way to discover the addresses to learn how to surf safely.