Renewed in 2019, 2020 and 2023 Aircalin's fleet is composed by 2 Airbus A330neo and 2 Airbus A320neo.

With these new aircraft, fuel consumption and carbon emissions are reduced by 15% to 20% per seat compared to older aircraft. A key advantage in the context of Aircalin's commitment to reduce carbon and environmental footprints. 

Comfortable cabins at the heart of all amenities

  • Very quiet cabin;
  • Light ambiance designed for each phase of the flight;
  • High quality seats in all classes (hibiscus class is only available on A330neo);
  • In-flight entertainment system with high-definition screens on all seats;
  • Careful and attentive in-flight service.

Aircraft as ambassadors for New Caledonia

Aircalin's aircraft proudly display the colors of New Caledonia, both on their fuselages and in their cabins. As an ode to the exceptional nature of the archipelago, the airline has chosen to evoke the coastline in Business Hibiscus Class, the forest in Premium Economy Class and the lagoon in Economy Class.

Kanuméra, A330neo operating since August 2019 (F-ONEO)

Kanuméra is a beautiful bay of white sand and crystal clear waters, surrounded by coconuts trees and columnar pines. Tucked away in the emblematic Pine Island, in the extreme south of New Caledonia, Kanuméra provides visitors with an idyllic view.

Luengöni, A330neo operating since October 2019 (F-ONET)

Luengöni tribe, in the south-east of Lifou, has one of the prettiest beach namesakes in the Loyalty Islands. This is probably why in Drehu, or in the local language, the place means "the attraction of beauty".

Tibarama, A320neo operating since December 2020 (F-OTIB)

On the northeast coast, Tibarama is a tribe located in the heart of a bucolic and generous nature. Facing an island of the same name, it is famous among New Caledonian for diving and snorkeling.

Nouméa, A320neo operating since December 2023 (F-ONEA)

The latest aircraft in the new fleet is called Nouméa, in honor of Caledonia's beautiful and charming capital.



AIRBUS A330 NEO (F-ONEO ET F-ONET) - Kanuméra & Luengöni

291 seats including 26 in Hibiscus class

Commercial flight capability: 12h / 12 000 km

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AIRBUS A320 NEO (F-OTIB and F-ONEA) - Tibarama & Nouméa

168 seats maximum 

Commercial flight capability: 7h30 / 6 300 km

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