Our policy

The Company aims to facilitate the development of a project, an event, or an action by logistical support or aid with transport.

In this way, partners support the Company’s values, offer publicity for its products or services, or for the New Caledonia destination. 

Aircalin offers support in areas as diverse as sport, culture and the arts, sustainable development, charity work, and often on an international scale. 

Certain categories of projects are excluded from the Aircalin partnership policy:

  • projects that clash with the Company’s values or present a risk to its public image
  • projects of a political or religious nature
  • projects related to dangerous activities,  or forbidden by the law
  • private or personal initiatives. 


Send us a request

Would you like to send us a request for a partnership or sponsorship?

You can send a description of your project with our partnnership request form to our email address: partenariats@aircalin.nc

➜ Dowload our partnership request form

Each request will be studied. Aircalin will provide you with a response as soon as possible.