Maisons Surry Hills

Charming city blocks

The district was created in the 19th century, first by peasants, then by merchants who mixed with workers, particularly Portuguese. So, as you stroll along, you'll find beautiful old houses and charming blocks of flats. Inhabitants have made the roadsides their own by adding green plants, making their neighborhood very pleasant.

Between Goodchap Street, Crown Street, Samuel Street, Reservoir Street and Riley Street lies a concrete example of houses with a singular charm. Cat Alley, also known as McElhone Place, is a romantic spot where residents have transformed the roadsides into gardens.

Building Surry Hills

Fashion, design, architecture

In the 1980s, the area was still a working-class neighborhood close to Sydney's city center. Gradually, however, working-class residents were replaced by a more affluent population.

Today, Surry Hills is a trendy, fashionable area, home to architectural firms, design studios, restaurants and quirky hotels. The Paramount Coffee Project is a former cinema turned hotel and café serving healthy brunches. Chin Chin is an Asian restaurant where design and contemporary art combine with authentic culinary discoveries.

Surry hills The Barberia

Mardi Gras, thrift shops, record stores

Sydney's Gay Pride, known as Mardi Gras, takes place on Oxford Street in early March. On this avenue, you'll find vintage clothing stores, record stores and hairdressers with distinctive styles.

Meet Cheryl in her salon The Barberia, with seats from another century and a decor loaded with memories. Stores like The Zoo Emporium Vintage are a treat for lovers of original, second-hand outfits. Just a few yards away is Uturn, another second-hand clothing boutique.

Surry hills glace Messina

Ice cream and interior design

Continuing down Oxford Street, we stop off at Messina's for a delicious ice cream. This local chain has nine stores in Sydney alone, including one on Circular Quay. Their ice creams are reputed to be the best in Australia! Messina offers 40 flavors and suggests new ones every week. They are made locally, with fresh produce. For example, you can enjoy pandan (pandanus fruit) ice cream with gourmet toppings.


The end of Oxford Street is a haven for designers, with a wealth of interior design boutiques.